Built-In EMR Integration Adaptor 

Xecan's smart wedge technology has built-in integration adapters to various clinic EMR systems. The smart wedge enables easy Xecan implementation in the clinic environment.  Any identification or smart tracking can provide the most benefit if it can be effectively integrated with existing workflow or EMR systems. Xecan technology interacts with low level windows applications and components. Therefore, Xecan's smart wedge requires no or very minimal changes to existing clinic EMR software. 

XECAN is Cloud Compatible

EMR vendors have started to deploy cloud based versions for clinics. These citrix based systems have their unique features  that need to be addressed to ensure full compatibility. To that end, XECAN's solution has been built with special adaptors to work with cloud based EMR or RVM systems. 

Easy Deployment in Real World Clinics 

The real world clinic workflow and patient safety needs are not easily met by just one type of identification. Since Xecan has built-in support for almost all ID and EMR integrations, it is easy for clinics to adapt Xecan smart technology in their clinics.